Why Should You Own a TPA?

TPAs are quite often organizations with out-of-state ownership, that are not really connected to the local community. That's unfortunate, because this entity determines how soon a provider will receive payment for services!

But if you own a TPA, the situation changes.

Control. Your practice will not be subject to the whims of an out-of-state payor. You can work out the best processes for fair and fast claims payment with the TPA, because you own it.

Competition. Large out-of-state TPAs can come and go, especially in secondary or rural markets. This limits competition and drives up cost for everyone. But since you own Resolve, you know it will be a stable, long-term service provider.

Connection. Resolve will be working directly with many employers in your market. This creates a strong connection between the business and healthcare communities.

Compensation. Resolve earns the management profits that are currently flowing into someone else's pocket. Your IPA can do many things with these funds, such as pay a dividend; invest in clinical integration or medical home; invest in EMR software; develop continuing ed opportunities; give back to the community; and much more.

Your TPA will also be positioned to provide local jobs in sales and customer service as the organization grows.

The Bottom Line

Resolve provides a better product at a reduced cost, and the IPA makes more money.