Earn More Money For
Your Physician Organization

If you're looking for a way to increase the value of your organization and get the doctors excited about belonging, then Resolve Health Plan Administrators is an idea you should explore.

Resolve brings additional revenue into physician organizations by administering benefit plans for local self-insured companies through a third-party administrator (TPA). Here's the concept in its simplest form.

  • The need. Companies that self-insure their health plans typically contract with an outside firm to manage all the paperwork. These firms are called third-party administrators (or TPAs).
  • The solution. We have set up a low-cost process and all of the technology that enables local IPAs to start their own third-party administration business, called Resolve Health Plan Administrators.
  • The result. Resolve provides an additional revenue stream to the physician organization for administering benefits programs. You can use that revenue for clinical integration, medical home, EMR, dividends, or any purpose you choose.

Earn More of the Revenue in Your Market

TPAs already exist and are making money in your market. Unfortunately, you're not getting any of the revenue for those services. Resolve can divert some of that cash flow to your organization. You can learn more by exploring how it works, or by downloading our brochure. We also invite you to contact us for more information or to schedule a conference call.

Leverage your investment in clinical integration or medical home! Learn more...